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How to avoid Winter Browning of St. Augustine Grass in Orlando

As a leading sod installation and care expert in Orlando, 1 Stop Sod and Landscaping Inc. knows the importance of proper fertilization during the winter season. Winter will make a lot of lawns with St. Augustine in Orlando turn brown. This causes a dent in the visual appeal of those lawns...

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Reasons you should purchase your sod from a farm

A well-tended and maintained lawn increases the overall curb appeal of your property, and the only way to do this is by having grass of high-quality on your lawn. In Florida, where the climate is harsh, your best option for your garden is to install sod in Orlando so that you can be guaranteed an attractive, green and healthy lawn...

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6 Reasons Why You Should Sod Your Lawn

It is always a pleasure to behold when the exterior of your home looks absolutely pristine and the condition of your lawn has a lot to do with this. Having a green, nice-looking lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood doesn’t always have to do with planting seeds and waiting for grasses to grow...

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Tips for Maintaining Your St. Augustine Grass Lawn All-Year Round

St. Augustine in Orlando is a popular warm season grass that is well-adapted to Orlando and its environs. Due to its ability to grow in most soil types and pH levels, it is one of the most commonly used sod in Orlando. A well-maintained lawn with St Augustine in Orlando will have a nice, dense dark green look that will be pleasing to the eyes and make your lawn or backyard excellent for activities...

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Ways to keep Raccoons away from your Sod in Orlando

Raccoons look cute, but they are still wild animals that are interestingly well-adjusted to city life. This doesn’t mean they make the best visitors to your freshly installed sod. When sod has just been installed, the soil is usually still moist and often contains a lot of worms which raccoons love to feast on...

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Picking the Right Sod for Your Lawn or Backyard

Fixing a patchy or worn out lawn can be difficult. It is better off replacing it by laying fresh sod on it. This is a much better option than reseeding the lawn as it gives a lawn that is in great condition and devoid of any weeds...

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