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How to avoid Winter Browning of St. Augustine Grass in Orlando

As a leading sod installation and care expert in Orlando, 1 Stop Sod and Landscaping Inc. knows the importance of proper fertilization during the winter season. Winter will make a lot of lawns with St. Augustine in Orlando turn brown. This causes a dent in the visual appeal of those lawns. This effect is known as browning off, and it is a nightmare for every property owner with a lawn on it. You want the grass on your lawn looking lush and green rather than brown and lifeless. Let's check out how to keep your St. Augustine grass in Orlando green and beautiful.

What are the causes of discoloration of St. Augustine in Orlando?

Winter makes lawns dormant: Naturally, when winter sets in, lawns tend to become semi-dormant or dormant, and this makes them lose their greenness and turn brown. Lawn discoloration can happen to any lawn although not every lawn in Orlando will turn brown during the winter season, and a lot of factors affect the condition of a lawn remaining green or turning brown. Below are some of the factors.

1. Type of St. Augustine Grass

Depending on the type of St. Augustine in Orlando that you planted on your lawn. Some grass families are more prone than others to browning during winter. So, you have to ensure that you choose a good quality St. Augustine grass for your lawn and this is why you should contact us at 1 Stop Sod and Landscaping Inc. for the best quality St. Augustine in Orlando.

2. Orlando Climate

As the climate gets cooler in Orlando, St. Augustine grass is more likely to turn brown. It is your job to find out the measures to take to maintain the green color of your grass and avoid discoloration and browning.

3. Fertilizer

Using the right type of fertilizer and applying fertilizer the correct way will help you avoid browning of your lawn during winter. Nobody has control over the climate, but you are responsible for the fertilization of your lawn. Pay attention to this, and you might keep your lawn from turning brown.

Making sure your St. Augustine Lawn Orlando does not turn brown this winter

Your grass staying green or turning brown during winter depends mainly on the health of your lawn. You have to take steps to keep your lawn healthy first of all. By preparing and hiring an expert in St. Augustine in Orlando such as 1 Stop Sod & Landscaping Inc. to take care of your lawn, you will give your lawn the best defense against browning in winter.

As a homeowner with a St. Augustine lawn, you have to make sure the grass on your lawn is healthy before winter sets in. Call us at 1 Stop Sod & Landscaping Inc. today for any concerns you may have about your St. Augustine in Orlando.