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Picking the Right Sod for Your Lawn or Backyard

Fixing a patchy or worn out lawn can be difficult. It is better off replacing it by laying fresh sod on it. This is a much better option than reseeding the lawn as it gives a lawn that is in great condition and devoid of any weeds. It may be costly and more time consuming, so you should do everything you can to choose the right sod for your type of yard. Whenever you are considering installing sod in your yard to restore the greenery, here are some important things to consider:

1. Climatic conditions

The type of weather in your locality determines the right type of grass that you should use. In the southeast, you can plant turf grasses that can survive in both bot and cold weathers. If you’re in colder areas, you could consider Zoysia grass which grows well in the warm-wet seasons and resists the dry season and foot traffic considerably well. Bahia in Orlando is ideal for heavy foot traffic, tolerant to direct sunlight and most soil types.

2. Type of soil

You should know what kind of soil you have before you put sod on it. A sod service in Orlando can help you go a soil test to determine what type of soil you have. The test will check the soil nutrient levels to sustain the sod being laid. The best conditions for your soil are a pH range of 6 – 7.5 and a well aerated base. You can check pH yourself or have an expert do it for you. Bahia in Orlando is a great choice of grass because it can thrive in sandy soil or infertile soil.

3. Shade required

Is your lawn or backyard going to be shaded? The amount of shade that your lawn gets will help to determine the type of grass that should be used. The sod installer can help you choose a shade resistant grass type to use. Shaded areas of your lawn also need to be checked to see if they have weeds there which should be cleared before you lay the fresh sod on it.

4. Watering system

Whenever you install a fresh layer of sod like bahia in Orlando, you need to maintain it well so that it can take room and grow well. That’s why watering is important. You can either have a water hose and a sprinkler head to water your lawn or you install a sprinkler or irrigation system so that you can automate the watering at specific times.

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