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Reasons you should purchase your sod from a farm

A well-tended and maintained lawn increases the overall curb appeal of your property, and the only way to do this is by having grass of high-quality on your lawn. In Florida, where the climate is harsh, your best option for your garden is to install sod in Orlando so that you can be guaranteed an attractive, green and healthy lawn. However, your sod supplier is another crucial factor that cannot be ignored. You should get your sod in Orlando from a supplier who gets sod from the best source, most preferably a farm. Check out some of the reasons and benefits of buying sod directly from a farm.

1. Farm Sod is fresh

A lot of companies selling sod are only out for profit and do not care about the quality of sod they deliver. When you order for sod in Orlando from a company that gets its sod supplies directly from a farm, you will be guaranteed quality. Sod grown on a farm and harvested directly for delivery to your home will be fresh and healthy. It can be likened to eating a cake that is just freshly baked. It is incomparable, and even you will be happy with how your lawn will look after installation.

2. Save money and support a local business.

When you buy your sod directly from a farm, you will be helping a local business grow while buying quality at the same time. Instead of buying from big stores that do not care whether what you receive is quality sod, why not do business with local farmers who will make sure you get the best sod in Orlando and give you excellent customer service. Even if you buy your sod from a local retailer, you should also confirm if they buy directly from a farm. You also do not have to spend a lot of money on freight fees because the farm is located within your locality.

3. Get additional knowledge and support on taking care of your sod

Farmers put a lot of time and efforts into producing sod for lawns, so, to them, it is not about making the profit primarily. It is more of a passion to them, and this is why they make sure you get nothing short of quality. You can get tips and pointers from a farmer on how to get the best out of your sod in Orlando especially during winter. At 1 Stop Sod & Landscaping deliver only fresh sod in Orlando. We do not have already cut sod that you will come and pick up. We cut fresh sod and deliver to you.

If you would like to improve the curb appeal of your property by growing the best sod in Orlando, call us at 1 Stop Sod & Landscaping today or send an email.