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6 Reasons Why You Should Sod Your Lawn

It is always a pleasure to behold when the exterior of your home looks absolutely pristine and the condition of your lawn has a lot to do with this. Having a green, nice-looking lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood doesn’t always have to do with planting seeds and waiting for grasses to grow. By installing sod in Orlando, you can get the perfect lawn in no time with ease and many other amazing benefits.

Here are some of our top reasons why you should decide to sod your lawn today:

1. Sod installation saves you time

Ripping up your lawn and seeding can take a lot of time and attention, sometimes up to a year to get your lawn where you want it. By installing sod which is already a mature plant, there is less work to do. It takes root barely 2-4 weeks after it is laid, and it adapts well to even poor soil types, a great benefit compared to seeding that requires soil preparation.

2. Saves you money

By purchasing well-grown sod in Orlando and installing directly on your lawn, you don’t have to worry about water, fertilizers, pesticides and other man hours that it would take to get your lawn into shape. You also already know what type of grass you are getting so you know exactly what products you need to buy to keep it in great condition.

3. Sod prevents mud

Installing sod in Orlando ensures that you don’t have to worry about covering up your lawn soil quickly which prevents your children and pets from bring up mud from the new lawn into your home and causing you plenty of cleaning efforts. Sod can be installed cleanly and over a short period of time, leaving your lawn looking pristine in little time without all the mess and mud associated with planting a new lawn.

4. Controls soil erosion

One disadvantage of hydroseeded lawns is that once there is a rain storm or too much water applied, the chemicals and seeds are washed away, leaving trails of chemicals. This can cause severe damage to soil profile and quality and make it difficult to plant grass in those areas. Sod in Orlando helps you to prevent water and soil erosion in your lawn because the grasses are mature already and will resist the water flow much better than seeds and bare earth.

5. Good looking lawns

With sod in Orlando, you can get the exact lawn look that you want to achieve with many varieties of sod available for you to choose from. We grow many top-quality types of sod in Orlando and can deliver these to your home and have your lawn looking pristine in no time.

6. Reduced use of herbicides

Growing your own grass requires a lot of herbicides, fertilizers and chemicals which are not good for the environment. At 1StopSod, we provide you with the finest grass in Orlando that is ready to survive and tolerant to different conditions that affect lawn grasses.

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