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Tips for Maintaining Your St. Augustine Grass Lawn All-Year Round

St. Augustine in Orlando is a popular warm season grass that is well-adapted to Orlando and its environs. Due to its ability to grow in most soil types and pH levels, it is one of the most commonly used sod in Orlando. A well-maintained lawn with St Augustine in Orlando will have a nice, dense dark green look that will be pleasing to the eyes and make your lawn or backyard excellent for activities.

There are different cultivars of St. Augustine in Orlando and each one has its pros and cons. They are all however vigorous growers and require direct sunlight and protection against diseases, drought, weeds and insects. Here are some ways to ensure your St Augustine in Orlando is in its best shape all year round:

Spring Care

  • Water your lawn twice a week once the weather begins to warm up. We advise that you start mowing once the lawn begins to grow.
  • Use a non-bag lawnmower so that the clippings can decompose on the turf and release organic nutrients and provide cover.
  • Once your lawn begins to turn green, use a “weed and feed” fertilizer that is specifically made for St Augustine in Orlando to prevent burning your lawn.

Summer Care

  • Fully grown lawns with St. Augustine in Orlando need to be watered 2-4 times weekly to ensure the soil water level is optimal. This also depends on the soil type, more for sandy soil, less for loamy soil.
  • Water mainly in the evening or late afternoons to prevent the spread of lawn fungi and other diseases
  • Do not apply herbicide when the temperature is hotter than 90F to prevent damaging your grass. If you prefer to pull weeds by hand, ensure you grip as close to the root as possible to ensure complete removal.

Autumn Care

  • You can get an autumn or winter lawn fertilizer when the fall season approaches so that your lawn gets a more beneficial blend of nutrients to help it grow well.
  • Reduce your mowing schedule to once a week or twice, depending on your local weather.
  • Autumn typically sees less of weeds growing so make sure you use a St Augustine-safe weed killer so that you can destroy any hibernating or budding weeds early.

Winter Care

  • St Augustine in Orlando is more suited to the warm weather and becomes dormant once the soil temperature falls below 68F. You will notice some browning at this time which is quite normal until the temperature goes above 68F again.
  • Reduce watering and mowing frequency to once or twice a month, bearing in mind the average daily weather.
  • You can apply a winterizing fertilizer to your lawn to ensure that your grass does not get malnourished.
  • Weed care is also recommended using an early action herbicide to prevent the growth of crabgrass once your grass comes out of hibernation with increased temperature

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