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Ways to keep Raccoons away from your Sod in Orlando

Raccoons look cute, but they are still wild animals that are interestingly well-adjusted to city life. This doesn’t mean they make the best visitors to your freshly installed sod. When sod has just been installed, the soil is usually still moist and often contains a lot of worms which raccoons love to feast on. This means that raccoons are likely to come looking for snacks in your new lawn, thereby causing some damage to it. After installing your sod in Orlando, you need to think of ways to ensure that you don’t wake up to find your sod damaged or rolled up by raccoons.

Here are some effective ways to prevent raccoons from damaging your sod:

1. Install a protective net

Raccoons are quite inventive and can get around most traps you set for them. Protective nets can be pegged into the ground to make it hard for raccoons to walk around or dig the sod for worms. Keep the mesh net on the grass for up to three weeks till the lawn is ready for cutting. That way, the roots have also become firm enough to discourage the sods from being rolled up by raccoons.

2. Use of lighting

You can use the raccoons dislike for light to your advantage by installing a motion-activated lighting system on your lawn or backyard. 100W light bulbs are particularly effective as they do not use up a lot of energy and get the job done. Garden lights with motion lights ensure that you don’t have to leave them on all night and raccoons get a big scare whenever they set off the lights, win-win for you.

3. Water Sprinkler system

Another effective way of getting rid of sod-damaging raccoons is by installing a strong water sprinkler system that does a great job of chasing intruders away. One thing to note is that the jet stream could be ineffective around the edges of the sod, so you should consider combining this will garden lights and other defence measures for more effective deterrence.

4. Moth balls along the lawn edges

Moth balls are a cheap way to irritate raccoons from coming into your freshly installed sod in Orlando. They are by no means perfect and are best used in combination with other methods mentioned earlier. For example, sprinklers can chase raccoons away from the lawn and moth balls discourage them from exploring areas where the water cannot reach.

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