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Take Care of the Earth: Use Sod

It is impossible to turn on a newscast without hearing devastating news about what man is doing to the planet. Since we only get one, it is necessary to take care of the earth. While you may feel helpless, one important thing that you can do is use sod over artificial turf when replacing grass at your home.

Removes Carbon Dioxide and Releases Oxygen

Natural grass helps to remove carbon dioxide from the earth. The lack of carbon dioxide removal from the air causes the earth to heat up. Help to control the greenhouse effect by choosing natural sod over artificial turf. Furthermore, natural grass is cooler than asphalt, cement, bare dirt or artificial turf. When grass grows, it releases oxygen into the air. This naturally cleans it helping to reduce the amount of air pollution. In fact, a 620 square foot area releases enough oxygen for one person for an entire year.

Filters Ground Water

Scientists know that grass is almost an ideal filtering system to stop chemicals from seeping into groundwater. In fact, tests reveal that water collected after it has run through the grass is up to 10 times less acidic than water that has run off a hard surface. Furthermore, soil microbes break down harmful chemicals into harmless components that can safely enter our rivers and oceans.

Stops Soil Erosion

Using sod is one of the most inexpensive ways to stop soil erosion. You can make grass even more effective at stopping erosion by terracing your yard. It should slope at about two percent, so that water does not stand where the new sod is laid. You can also add plants and rocks to help keep the sod in place further helping stop soil erosion.


If you have children who love to run and jump in your yard, then sod is much safer than artificial turf. Except for athletes wearing special shoes, you can get better traction on natural grass. If you fall on artificial turf, it acts like sandpaper against your skin leaving painful scratches that take time to heal. Grass also causes fewer “wear and tear” injuries. It takes more energy to walk across synthetic turf than it does grass.

Sod in Orlando is extremely easy to take care of, and many people enjoy spending time caring for their yards. Come see us at 1 Stop Sod & Landscaping Inc., and we will be glad to help you figure out which sod choice meets your needs the best because St. Augustine, Zoysia, Bahia are all available. You can opt to take it home yourself or our professional crew will be glad to deliver our sod in Orlando to you. We can even install it for you if you desire. Therefore, when you are looking for sod make 1 Stop Sod & Landscaping Inc at 6682 Hoffner Ave in Orlando, Florida, your first stop.