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"Freshest Sod in Central Florida"


If you're looking for a low maintenance lawn - you're looking for TifBlair Centipede Ecograss.

TifBlair Centipede sod features at-a-glance:
  • A turfgrass for full sun to partial shade
  • TifBlair establishes as a drought- tolerant lawn
  • Heat- and cold-tolerant turfgrass
  • Slow-growing lawn; needs less mowing and is easier to mow
  • Medium green, medium-textured turfgrass
  • Stays greener longer in the fall and greens up earlier in the spring than common Centipede turfgrass
  • TifBlair is the most environmentally-friendly, warm-season lawn
    • lowest maintenance requirements of all the quality southern lawn turfgrasses
    • lowest fertility requirements of all the lawn grasses; grows well on poor soils

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